FREE SHIPPING on orders over $40 (Excludes Tumblers)
FREE SHIPPING on orders over $40 (Excludes Tumblers)
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About Us

I'm Fahliesha owner/founder of New England Glitter 

Over the past two years my husband and I became foster parents and adopted Our first daughter in 2019 and soon to be second. When we first became foster parents I wanted to spend every second with my daughter and that's when I decided I wanted to be a stay at home mom, but at the same time I still wanted to have an income. After dibble dabbling in a few direct sales companies I decided I wanted to start something that I could call my own. I started out making home decor, Signs and a mix of other things,  which then led me to making Tumblers. Once I started making tumblers that was it, I had found what I wanted to do and I have been making them for almost 2 years. Over the past 6 months I started working with my own supplier as I needed to have constant inventory coming in which led me to launching New England Glitter. 

Why New England Glitter?

After being a glitter customer of many suppliers I had started looking for suppliers closer to me for faster shipping and believe it or not there was not any in the New England area, which then gave me the Idea to open my own. After a few months of trying to come up with the perfect name it just hit me New England Glitter.

All our glitter is Polyester (PET) solvent resistant which is the highest quality grade glitter you can get. This is not your regular craft glitter you can purchase from a craft store. all of our glitters are custom selected, mixed, and cut to a specific size for the most sparkle.  We offer a large variety of colors, cut, size, and style of glitter. We will be adding many items to our shop  over the next few months of the launch of our new shop.

We are a small family owned business and we are so excited to meet new friend while making sure you have the best quality products for all your crafting needs.